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Activities - Events 2022-23


Republic Day assembly -24 January 2023

CNIS celebrated India’s 74 th Republic Day with immense zeal and enthusiasm. Republic Day is the day when we honour the Indian constitution. The very constitution that declares India a sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic republic and assures its citizens justice, equality, and liberty, and endeavours to promote fraternity. With an apt quote , CNItes remembered the boundless sacrifices made by our national heroes and took the pledge to honour and respect the motherland till the end of times.

Tennis Turf Inauguration-24 January 2023

Tennis is the type of sport where the right playing surface is key. It needs to offer the right amount of bounce and speed for the ball, At CNIS , we are well-heeled to have an open lawn tennis turf. The inaugural match was played by Father Principal and the Tennis loving CNItes. After playing singles and doubles, the enthused students were all excited to try a hand at this novel sport in the days to come.

Fabula:KG story Telling-20 January 2023

The kindergarten family of Christ Nagar International School, along with the parents, witnessed the enthralling performances of the little storytellers on the Storytelling Day conducted on January 20, 2023. The event's success was truly a blessing, thanks to the overwhelming support of the parent community.The event began. with the honourable presence of the principal, Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI, and KG and Junior School Section Head, Ms. K. Preeti.The little taletellers, with their spectacular performances, showed the audience that they are endowed with special gifts. The principal gave away certificates to the budding storytellers.

Founders Day-5 January 2023

A special assembly was organised to celebrate Founder’s Day on January 5, 2023, to commemorate the death anniversary of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara. The chief guest for the occasion was Rev. Fr. George Kalasserry VC. Fr George oversees the popular mission retreats in parishes and is also the coordinator of the Prison Ministry of India. The assembly started with the sayings of St. Chavara, followed by prayer. An insight into the life of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara was given to the audience. The guest of honour, Rev. Fr. George encouraged the children to follow St. Chavara's example and to show their appreciation for Christ Nagar International School for providing them with the best education. Prizes were given to the winners of the quiz and elocution competitions conducted on January 3, 2023, on the life of St. Chavara. Few of the winners got to present their speeches in front of the audience, which was well appreciated too. It was followed by a beautiful musical dance composition that appreciated the vision and mission of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara by the students.

Christmas Celebration-23 Dec 2022

Christmas is for joy, for giving and sharing, for laughter, and for coming together with family and friends. It was surely a Christmas to remember at CNIS. The school wore a festive look with bells, streamers, a crib depicting the nativity scene, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The day started with an Interclass Carol Singing Competition. The spirit of Christmas resonated throughout the CNIS family, from decking the halls to the little Rudolfs carolling their hearts out. The spirit of giving and sharing was evident among the CNItes through the gift exchange and a holiday message they wrote for their Christmas friend. The essence of Christmas came alive when Santa Clause himself went into the classes. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was amply visible on the faces of the children.

Annual Day 2022-9 December 2022

Christ Nagar International School, Kazhakootam, celebrated its 19th Annual Day Celebration, Joyeux Noël 2022, with a unison of dance, music, and drama on December 9, 2022. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Chamathara CMI, Provincial, St. Josephs Province, Trivandrum, presided over the celebration, and the honorees were Dr. Paolo Pacciolla, Associated Professor of Music, Christ University, Bengaluru, and Ms. Luisa Spagna, Instructor of Dance Movement Therapy, Christ University, Bengaluru. Esteemed dignitaries on the dais accompanying the guests were Rev. Fr. Paul Mangad CMI, Manager of the Christ Nagar Group of Schools; Rev. Fr. Tinto Thomas CMI, Vice Principal and Bursar; and Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI, Principal CNIS. Keeping with the tradition of seeking Almighty’s blessings, the school choir rendered a soulful song followed by a symphony of Christmas carols. The melodious music echoed in the heavenly, star-spangled skies. The School Annual Report for the year 2021 recapitulated all the activities undertaken during the academic session, highlighting the achievements of the school and the students. After the formal welcoming of the guests and the prize distribution of the winners of yearlong programs, the cultural programme started with a theatrical performance of the Shakespearean plays under the title "Shakespeare in Trouble," a play conceptualised by the principal, Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI. The play was combined with the dance sequences performed by all the classes. Starting from the sweet, innocent chimes of the nursery rhymes, to the depiction of the valiant Mowgli of the Jungle Book, to the rummaging cowboys, to a gripping story of Harry Potter, to a graceful dance of womanhood, and last of all, with the staging of the nativity scene, each and every child’s creative skill was exhibited, and it illuminated the stage in a majestic resplendence. The audience was visibly impressed by the impeccable performances showcased by the students across different classes, and to see the children sway blissfully during their performances truly gave a brighter shade to education, of which CNIS is ever so proud.

Orientation for Teachers-16 Dec 2022

An online seminar on the title "Post Pandemic: Handling School Blues" was offered for the faculty members of CNIS on December 16, 2022, by the principal, Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI. The session was taken by Dr. Neetu Jain, a paediatrician at KIMS Hospital. Dr. Neetu offered specific guidelines to help the transition of children from online mode back to the universal classroom setting. With a fruitfully interactive session, the teachers in all good conscience felt that they were now better at handling the behavioural, physical, and emotional challenges that developed as a result of the pandemic.

Principals Day- 30 November, 2022

Throughout the school year, our beloved Fr. Principal shoulders the commitment to lead the young CNItes to a prosperous future. The support and guidance given to the teachers and staff results in productive learning environments for our children. Fr. Principal often substitutes for teachers when they are on leave, engages the students, and makes the learning process interesting for the youngsters. This is what makes him more than just the head of a school but a true teacher who makes a difference in the lives of students.

Annual Educational Fair Dhwani-18 Nov 2022

Christ Nagar International School organised the Annual Educational Fair on November 18, 2022, to inculcate a scientific temperament and nurture curiosity in the students. This year’s theme was Dhwani—the aural experience. The exhibition was visited by Ms. Rajalakshmy Abhiram, a renowned playback singer and recipient of the Kerala State Film Award, and Dr. Ragitha Binu Krishnan, an ENT specialist at KIMS Hospital. With Ms. Rajalaskhmy’s poignant message about the influence of music in our lives, she captivated the audience with her exceptional singing performance of some of the famous Malayalam classics. Dr. Ragitha applauded the CNItes for their talent in orchestrating musical bliss during the event. She also gave constructive advice to all on how to preserve and sustain their vocal chords and hearing capacities. The event was a huge success and was well appreciated by all the dignitaries, parents, and guests. With a special contribution from the art students, their art was also displayed along with well-researched and exhibited models connected to the theme. Students from the neighbourhood schools and Christ Nagar institutes also visited the event and gathered valuable information from the exhibits.

Childrens Day-14 November 2022

Books, backpacks, and time tables are an everyday chore for any school-going child, but there comes a day in the year where the kids need not worry about this routine, because this day is all about an open appreciation for just being a child. At CNIS, Children’s Day was celebrated in remembrance of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru. November 14 marks Pandit Nehru’s devotion to welfare, education, and the development of children and young people. The youngest members of the CNIte family, the kindergarteners and first graders, presented an accurate assembly to depict the innocence, smile, and free spirit of children. The resounding joy and bliss on the virtuous faces were indeed a heavenly blessing.

Friendly Basketball Match-28 October, 2022

On October 28, 2022, the enthusiastic CNItes and faculty members played their first goodwill basketball game, complete with Kodak moments. The friendly match between the students and staff members was organised to carry forward the charity initiatives of the institute. With an open and warm welcome to the referee, Mr. Lankesh Khan, National Level Basketball Player and PE Coach of the Christ Nagar Higher Secondary School, the two teams, Dribble Masters (Faculty) and Shooting Stars (Students), dashed with fervour and vigour on the court. Team spirit coupled with some dynamite basket shots were truly an unmissable sight. Dribble Masters, with their mounting score, bagged the winning trophy, and Shooting Stars, with a power-packed strategic game, were awarded the Runner-up Trophy. CNIte Shaun Hayden was awarded the Best Player Award and CNIte Justin Phillip Prasad was awarded the Most Promising Player.

Inter-house Competitions

To reinforce and energise the house spirits, two competitions were organised for the CNItes. First was the Inter-house Handball Competition and second was the recitation of the school anthem by the house team. The true grit and strength of the team members were seen on the field and on the stage.

Cambridge Primary Accreditation-17 October,2022

Christ Nagar International School is now a Cambridge accredited campus, with the primary section receiving Cambridge certification on October 17, 2022. The school is now a full-fledged examination centre, offering assessments at the checkpoint, IGCSE, AS, and A-level levels.

Girls Guild Seminar-6 October,2022

The CNIS Girls Guild team organised a seminar for the students of Grade IX on the topic "Sexual Offenses and Crime Against Women and Its Legal Consequences" on October 6, 2022. The seminar was led by Adv. Nazi Faizal of the High Court. Ms. Nazi discussed Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code, which is an exhaustive list of all cases of crime and punishment against women. She explained the legal facets of crime, assault, and criminal force used against women. She also discussed the legal ramifications of crimes against women and the elimination of all forms of violence against women through strengthened policies, legislation, programs, and community engagement.The seminar provided an open platform for the students to raise their doubts and express their opinions on the theme.

Annual Sports Meet- 29 September, 2022

A magnificent sports extravaganza was organised at the Kerala University stadium on September 29, 2022, in which all the students from grades I to XII participated with great zeal and manifested their athletic skills with unimpeachable finesse. The mega event commenced with the arrival of the Chief Guest of the Day, the Indian International Basketball Player, Ms. Geethu Anna Rahul. Esteemed dignitaries on the dais gracing the occasion were Rev. Fr. Paul Mangad CMI, Manager, Christ Nagar Group of Schools; Rev. Fr. Tinto Thomas CMI, Vice Principal and Bursar; and Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI, Principal. The formal function started with a prayer, followed by a magnificent and colourful march past of the NCC squad and all four houses, which were led by the school sports captain, CNIte Niranjhan Dileep Nair of grade XII. The chief guest of the day addressed the athletes and formally inaugurated the meet. Students were clubbed into seven categories according to their grades. A total of 52 events were conducted.

Motivational Seminar-26 September, 2022

A counselling and motivational seminar for the CNItes of Grades VIII and IX was organised on 26 September, 2022 in the campus as part of the CNIS personal enrichment program. Counselling psychologist, Ms. Mekha Anna Abraham was the speaker for the session. The session was aimed at educating the students on the topic ‘Puberty and development stages for adolescents’. During the session, Ms. Mekha explained all the different mental and physical changes that the adolescents go through while growing up. She promptly advised the students that the issues that centre around the adolescent period are to be seen as a normal process of growth and should not be perceived as a period of overwhelming anxiety. She gave valuable insights into how to handle the situations in a positive way. She encouraged the students to reach out to their parents, school counsellor or mentor with any concerns that they might face. Both the grades found the session to be highly informative and an engaging learning experience.

KG Sports Day-24 September, 2022

The CNIS KG sports day was conducted on September 24, 2022, on the campus. Both the kids and parents had a joyful experience as they engaged in various exciting events, from running and hurdle races to the tension in the air as the little ones tried to balance their lemons on spoons. The atmosphere was elevated as the parents took part in the competitions for the ride-on-dad race and penguin walk with mom. A snack counter was set up under the CNIS charity wing with delicious food items homemade by the students of Grade VIII that refreshed the guests. The sale made a notable contribution to charity.

Grandparents Day-22 September 2022

The CNIS family celebrated Grandparents Day in a jubilant way on September 22, 2022. The events of the day started with the welcoming of grandparents by the senior CNItes. CNIte Anagha and Gangas grandfather, Dr V Ramakrishnapillai, senior cardiologist consultant, KIMS hospital, presided the assembly. Grandfather of CNIte Sakash Nair, Sri. Chandrashekhan Nair, and grandmother of CNIte Ameya Bijoy, Smt. Susamma Areekal, were honoured with Ponnadas by Principal, Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI. With dance performances, musical melodies, fun games, and some candid moments, grandpas and grandmas left the campus with pleasant memories, loads of appreciation, and heaps of blessings for the school.

English Recitation Day-16 September,2022

The Kindergarten English Recitation Day was held on September 16, 2022, on the theme "Wonders of Nature." The KG family of CNIS, along with the parents, enjoyed the little reciters charming presentation. The events success and the overwhelming support of the parent community were a true blessing. The recitals began, and the audiences resounding applause for the young cherubs showed that the little ones were indeed endowed with special talents. Fr. Principal gave away the participation certificates to all the exuberant performers.

Talents Day-14 September,2022

Teachers build up the foundation of a society. In every walk of life, every single successful person is where they are today thanks, in part, to their teachers. Doctors, lawyers, police officers, retail workers, engineers, welders—none of them would be where they are if a teacher didn’t first teach them how to read, how to resolve conflict, or how to think critically. Talents day, at CNIS was celebrated on 14 September 2022 and was a special day devoted to all the dedicated teachers and their untiring efforts. The students of grades X, XI and XII dawned their professional look and mustered the strength to engage the school with their own wise decisions. Teachers were engaged in fun games and the student -teachers led the school confidently.

Onappulari-2 September,2022

Onam celebrations were held in a grand and traditional manner in the campus on 2 September. The Chief guest for the event, Ms Mallika Sukumaran, the renowned Cine Artist lit the sacred lamp and wished the students a very happy and prosperous Onam. An enchanting prayer song, captivated the soul of the audience. Our Kindergarten parents took the first Icap in celebrating the festival with their spectacular dance performance. Onam dance, Odakkuzhal (Flute recital), the graceful Thiruvathira by the students and teachers was spell binding.Thanima 2022 Contest was held to declare the Kerala Sreeman and Malayali Manga. Both students and teachers participated with high spirits and joyous feelings. The ever so exciting onam games from Saree draping to Rotti kadi and Vaalu parikkal filled the campus with innocent laughter. Payasam was distributed to all the students and the guests.

Basket Ball Court Inauguration-1 sept,2022

The perfect weather, for a perfect game, on a perfect court. On 1st September 2022 , Christ Nagar International School joyously inaugurated the Basketball court . The magnificent court, exclusively designed for the students of CNIS was inaugurated by the Chef Guest Chief Inspector of Police Mr Fr. Manager, Rev Fr Paul Mangad CMI initiated the inaugural rite by cutting the ribbon. Fr Principal, Rev Fr Thomas Chennatussery CMI and Rev Fr Tinto Thomas CMI cordially invited the guests, coaches, referees, players , students and staff members for the friendly match played between two prominent schools of the Kerala State the : St.Ephrems Higher Secondary School, Mannanam and St. Josephs Higher Secondary School, Trivandrum. St. Josephs Higher Secondary School, Trivandrum. Won the match and was awarded the winning trophy by Rev Fr Paul Mangad CMI and runners up St.Ephrems Higher Secondary School, Mannanam was also awarded with the trophy of appreciation .

KG Onam Celebrations-31 August,2022

Marked by Jubilant celebrations, Onam was celebrated by the Kindergarteners in all its glory and joy on 31 September.Impressive designs and artistic creativity were the hallmarks of the Pookkalam. The main attractions of the programme were Onappattu, skits, speech, group songs, dance and the fun games like Vadam Vali, Curry Kootu Kali and Kaserakali. The arrival of Mahabali amid the beats of panchavadyam was a thrilling experience.The added charm of the event was the Keraliya Kudumbam - an Onam Family contest.

Thrill Cnis -19 and 20 August 2022

The much-awaited opening ceremony of the TRILLS CNIS 2022-23 began with a bang on August 19, 2022. The enthusiast Arts club secretaries CNIte Lekshmy Natraj and CNIte Anna Thomas began the ceremony with their comparing and imparting the very same enthusiasm into the whole CNIS family. The function officially began with the school prayer by the school choir. CNIte Gopi Chand the school leader welcomed the gathering, that bridged the two years gap of an offline trills experience. There was an unusual sense of warmth and coming back in the CNIS family. The function proceeded with the lighting the lamp ceremony spreading the light of positivity and energy into both students and teachers. The function was graced by our chief guest MS Shabnam Riyas , an eminent playback singer and also a member of the CNIS family, mesmerized the audience with her melodious song encasing the audience in a magical music world Followed by the principal’s address by our dear Rev. Fr Thomas Chennattusserry CMI who boosted and encouraged the CNItes and their supporting pillars the teachers who had been with them throughout their practice session chiseling them to their very best. Chief editor of the school magazine 2021-22 MS Gleena handed over the school magazine and it was realised by Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennatusserry CMI. No function is complete without a welcome dance, A group of CNItes under the guidance of Ms Theophine performed a marvelous dance, marking the beginning of the THRILLS events. The fuction was officially closed with the vote of thanks by the Deputy school Leader CNIte Anagha. followed by a National Anthem. 20 August 2022 was a day of showcasing all the talents of the CNIS on stage. It was an concoction of group dance, group song, drama, tableau and solo dance. CNItes representing the four great houses: Amazon, Ganges, Nile and Volga competed against each other with the urge of making their house win. The competitions were judged by the experienced external judges making the event unbiased . The ultimate suspense for the students were declared at the end of the day, making Ganges on the first place followed by Volga , Nile and Amazon.

Independence Day- 15 August 2022

Christ Nagar International school ceremoniously celebrated the nation’s 75th Independence Day on the 15th of August, . Principal Rev Fr Thomas Chennattusserry CMI and Vice Principal, Rev Fr Tinto Thomas hoisted the Flag at School at 8:45 am which was followed by the melodious echo of the National anthem hinting the solemn pledge that all Indians value and uphold the nations integrity and ethos. The Celebrations concluded with candies and Tricolour Ladoos for all.

Girls Guild--27 July 2023

The Girls’ Guild inaugural ceremony at CNIS took place on 27th July 2022. The Girls’ Guild annual programme at CNIS aims to educate the school going community on gender equality .Former Goodwill Ambassador of CNIS and World Topper for AS level Mathematics, Ms Meghana Anil gave an inspiring speech.

Orienatation for higher studies

CNIS firmly upholds the belief that every child enters the world with a personality unlike any others. And our school provides an environment that allows the innate talents of the children to flourish, so our young ones can both follow their dreams and serve our world. To this end, CNIS organised a couple of talks orientating the High schoolers on higher education in International universities.t

Cre8-23 July 2022

One of the most long awaited inter school art and design fest for the high schoolers, called the Cre8 was hosted by L’ecole Chemapaka school .This competitive event showcased a broad spectrum of talents exhibited by the school students on themes connected to popular culture. After the inaugural ceremony, the students participating in various events moved to their respective stage areas and awaited the call to perform. Stoked with excitement, team CNite with Anna Thomas, Sangeetha Sasi Kumar, Anjanaa Muthukumarasamy, Niveditha, Riya Nishad , Anagha H Nair, Justin, Mohammed Allam, Alan John , Leno Joseph, Lekshmi , Ashwath, Merric, Gowri, Vasundhara, Athul, Arkshat , Jacob, Shaun, Medha Gautam, Suzanna, Ruth Binu, Numa, Parveen, Niranjhan and Gopichand V Menon went forth to display their flairs. CNItes received many accolades for the events they participated in. Palette Play (‘Blending of the Antipodes’) and Future Project (‘The Technological Future of India’) received the first prize. Le Gourmet bagged the second prize and Encore reserved the third prize. Project Runway participants, made a set of three dresses under the theme ‘Cyber Punk’, representing the ‘Fashion of the Future’. All schools delivered excellent performances and amazed the crowd. As they say, to be a champion, one has to see the bigger picture. It’s not about winning or losing; its about everyday hard work and about thriving on a challenge. Truly the CNites who participated in Cre8 worked hard and unquestionably are the Champions for the school fraternity.

Nursery Rhymes-22 July, 2022

Christ Nagar International School premises was filled with enthusiastic KG children as well as ecstatic parents as it was the first time the children experienced their own voice. Nursery Rhymes Day aimed at exposing the students to mike and to boost their confidence. The event was coordinated by Ms Sreeja Stephen and Ms Revathy R L under the guidance of Ms. K . Preeti, Section Head (KG and Junior school). The event was conducted in two sessions: First for KG 1- I and G Later for KG 2 I and G. The former session was conducted during the 2nd and 3rd periods while the latter during the 4th and 5th periods. The invitations and reminders were sent to the parents and most of them were able to make it to the event. During the first session, Ms Sreeja and Ms Revathy handled the program in KG 1- I and KG 1- G respectively. Later on, Ms Anna and Ms Amala took charge in KG 2- I and KG 2- G respectively. The session began formally with a silent prayer followed by Father Principal’s address and Ms K Preeti gave an introduction to the event. Soon after one by one kids started with their performance. After the last performance, Father Principal awarded the little ones with Appreciation Badges. By the end of the event, most of the parents took their kids home.

French Language Seminar-18 July, 2022

Christ Nagar International School, Trivandrum organised a French Language seminar in collaboration with Alliance Française de Trivandrum. Students of Grades 9 and 10 attended the seminar to gain insights into the various advantages of learning the French language. The Guest speakers ,Mademoiselle Eva Martin, Director of Alliance Française, Ms. Rupa Rajendran, Administrative Officer, and Monsieur Eric Perrotel, Attaché de cooperation Pour Le Français-Zone Sud, Embassy of France in India sketched the importance of French language and the added value it brings to those who are well versed with it. Monsieur Eric imparted excellent advice to the aspiring IGCSE batch and the modalities to keep in mind when intending to pursue careers in France and in France-based companies. He stressed the importance to know the sounds of the French language and added that inhibition to speak the language because of imperfect pronunciation would just block the path of learning. Students must try their level best to get the task done as only then improvement can be seen. He promoted the benefits of learning French, namely establishing careers in French companies. Many students from India pursue careers in France, where nearly any degree is accepted. Monsieur Eric also shared historical titbits, such as the list of agreements signed in 2018 during the State Visit of the President of France to India, with PM Modi. The CNItes surely took a valuable learning from this seminar and were seen encouraged and motivated.

Thrill CNIS Literary events -11 July 2022

CNIS is committed to develop and hone the literary skills of the students from the very early years. From the 11th of July 2022 , the literary events of the Thrill CNIS began with a lot of excitement among the CNItes.A week of flurry and delight, with the children being fruitfully engaged and getting exposure to literature in different ways from the modern to the old masters.From imaginative story writing to writing narratives , the literary events was quite an exciting , brain crackling experience. The classrooms were elated with the calligraphic handwriting attempted superbly by the CNITes in all the three languages [ English, Malayalam and Hindi]. Overall, the Literary Week brought the students closer to the magic of language and literature.

Orientation For parents-7 july 2022

Dr Prameela Joji, Medical Superintendent, KIMS Health was invited as the resource person for the event . The session was hosted by the schools’ student counselor Mr Gayathri.Parents of students from the Junior school attended the session. The session began with a silent prayer, followed by welcoming the guest speaker Dr Prameela , coordinators Reshma S and Reshma Krishnan, Principal Rev Fr Thomas Chennattusherry CMI and KG & Junior school session head Ms K Preethi and the CNite Parents. Fr Principal addressed the audience and pressed the need for reorienting the children towards a healthy living both at home and in school. Dr Prameela took over the session and enlisted the common issues observed among children after their return back to school from the prolonged time of online schooling due to the pandemic. Dr Prameela through her experiential knowledge mentioned about anger issues, fussy eating habits, lack of sharing and the increased amounts of screen exposure among the few problems seen in children post pandemic. She advised the parents to have consistency and a schedule for their children. Proper meal plans, sleeping habits, play and study time schedules are essential for the child’s proper growth and development. She also discussed in detail about the role of a parent in handling these issues and the proper way to nurture the children. At the end of the session, there was an open forum where the parents expressed their concerns. Ms K Preethi, thanked the eminent speaker and the parents for a fruitful and engaging session.

Feast Day -2022

July 3 is observed as St Thomas Day across the globe. The special day is dedicated to Saint Thomas, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. CNIS Principal , Rev Fr Thomas Chennatusserry CMI celebrates his feast on this auspicious day. Students and Faculty members wished health and happiness to Fr Principal and presented a bouquet of flowers and a handmade card as a mark of appreciation.

Charity Inauguration-30 June 2022

The Inauguration of the Charity Drive for the academic year 2022-23 was conducted along with the Grade 10 assembly. The goodwill ambassador CNIte Riya enlightened the audience about the need to always lend a helping hand to the needy and the destitute. A meaningful skit to encourage donations was presented. The first collection drive for charity was initiated by Fr Principal followed by the team of CNIS teachers. Fr. Principal then spoke about the theme of the assembly and the charity drive, and motivated everyone to show skills of leadership and teamwork. as well as work for the betterment of other underprivileged people.

Merit Day -28th June, 22

Christ Nagar International School, Kazhakootam celebrated the accomplishments of the IGCSE, AS and A Level toppers of the academic year 2021-22. The bright and spirited day was blessed with the presence of Manager of Christ Nagar Institutes, Rev Fr Paul Mangad CMI, Principal Rev Fr Thomas Chennatussery CMI and Vice Principal Rev Fr Tinto Thomas CMI. The beautiful morning was garlanded with the doting parents, teachers and cheerful CNITes . The ceremony started with a befitting thought about how each one of us should strive to become the best version of ourselves. Rev Father Paul’s message of pursuing the goals by overcoming all the obstacles bequeathed to the gallery of students a string of inspirational thoughts. Rev Father Thomas in the key note address wished the young prodigies the very best in their future and prompted the young learners to do their best in all their undertakings. Cambridge Exam officer of CNIS, Ms Manisha announced the achievers of the IGCSE, AS and A level rank holders and the members on the dais gave away mementos to the gifted achievers. After the trail of the resounding applauses for the highfliers, the next segment titled – the return toast , came with heart-warming accounts of the A level toppers, CNite Sanya Mary Dennies and CNite Vaibhav followed by the IGCSE toppers CNite Asha Janardhan and CNite Narun Joe. Their words of appreciation towards the school management , Fr Principal, the teachers and their family members truly clinched the hearts of everyone present there for the celebration.

The Little Musical Wonder-24th june 2022

CNite Riya Renjith of Grade 4 I was invited to play the violin for the students at Lecole Chempaka school in Trivandrum. She received a memento from the school as a token of appreciation. CNIS once again is proud of the young talented ones cradled in its care.

Investiture Ceremony-18th June 2022

Christ Nagar International School’s Investiture Ceremony was a cardinal moment for the school clan. The flurry of inked-thumbed CNItes assembled in front of the stage excitedly to watch the new elected members rightfully taking their merited place in the CNIS Student Council. The Grand Ceremony began with an apt thought, a quote reiterated from the memoirs of our former Indian President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam that Leaders ignite the minds of others. With that passion to ignite the minds of their fellow CNites , the school council members with promising eyes and concurring steps marched forward onto the stage. Beloved Fr. Principal Rev Father Thomas Chennattusserry CMI through a motivating speech , inspired the elected council members to be dedicated in administering their duties. The Council members were officially instated by Fr Manager Rev.Fr Paul Mangad CMI and Rev Father Principal. The sashes and badges were secured onto the members, starting from the school leader CNIte Gopichand V Menon , deputy school leader CNIte Anagha Nair to the vice captains, and house captains. The magnificent flag of our great CNIS gained expressions of joy and pride from the members when hoisted by Rev Father Principal, accompanied by School Leader CNite Gopichand V Menon and Deputy School Leader CNite Anagha Nair. The House Captains and House Mistresses then proceeded with their house flags and hoisted alongside. Father Principal led the student council members into the formal oath taking ritual. The members pledged to work hard for the benefit and success of CNIS. The lighting and handing over of the lamp signifies hope and an aspiration to surpass previous achievements in the new school year. Rev Fr Principal and Rev Fr Manager presented the School leader and Deputy School Leader with the lamp, signifying the union of the newly elected council members and the School administration. Rev. Father Manager Paul Mangad CMI , advised the students on the importance of leadership, expressing delight and pride in the student body. CNIte Gopichand V Menon, the new school leader, expressed honour in being selected along with his fellow council members by the CNites, and considered it a privilege to be the first school leader in the new campus at Kazhakootam . Expressing gratitude to the school administration, he voiced his words of encouragement to the student body and the rest of the CNites to start off the school year with ambition and to bring out the leaders within them. A new feel of the campus was brought in by Arts faculty of CNIS, Aneesh sir, as he played the flute effortlessly and sang to the powerful song, ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong. Finally, the new Deputy School Leader CNIte Anagha Nair gave the Vote of Thanks, ending the engaging assembly with a sign of appreciation to the school, and to the new canvas placed before us where we make our mark.

Election day-15th June 2022

With the CNIS Elections coming faster than ever, candidates of Grade 10 and 12 were riled up for a thrilling Campaign session. The fierce campaigning began on the 13th of June, and the twelve wilful candidates visited classrooms from Grades 5 to 12 to pitch their irresistible campaign ideas to the CNITES with colourful posters, remarkable speeches and solemn promises. 15th June heralded as the ‘Voting day’ in campus, began with the “Meet the Candidates” session as our beloved Rev Fr. Principal graced the occasion with moral support to the up-and-coming office bearers of the year 2022-23. By midday , the Ballots opened up and CNite voters with the help of the Ballot assistants carried their handbooks which was furnished as a personal identification document proceeded to cast their vote. After casting the vote the left thumb was inked. The beaming faces of the young voters as they selected their personal favourites from the batch of promising School and Deputy School Leaders was an unmissable feature of the day. Tensions ran high as Voters gathered at the school’s atrium to hear the Final Verdict…” Who’s going to be the successors of this prestigious role?”, with guesses being tossed across the assembly, the results were announced as our Fr. Principal Called out the role of School leader to be CNITE Gopichand V Menon and Deputy School leader to be CNITE Anagha Nair. What came after was a joyous cheer for the victors and appreciation to all the other candidates who would remain a part of the school council. The formal pronouncing of the different roles and designations was inching closer with the Investiture Ceremony….

Orientation For Teachers-13 June 2022

Christ Nagar International School, Trivandrum conducted a talk given by Rev Dr Jose CC of the CMI congregation and professor at Christ University (Deemed to be University) , Bengaluru on ‘ Organisational culture and work values’ for the personal and professional development of the pedagogical team of CNIS for the new academic year 2022-2023. The interactive session commenced with Rev Dr Jose reflecting with the academic team the traditions followed at CNIS, the public opinion about the school and the beliefs the faculty members hold about the school. Professor Rev Dr Jose CMI reminded the teachers that the school culture is at the core of everything that goes inside a school; it is not only the base but also the end result of all activities in an educational facility. The talk ended with a thoughtful premise that for the school to grow, all the stakeholders need to build a relationship oriented culture, a culture which promises the closeness and safety of a family unit and the wings to inspire and instil creativity. The session gave great insights to our learning journey. With positivity and confidence, the team is ready to breeze through the year ahead!

KG Repening Day-8th June 2022

The ABC song echoed on 8 June 2022 marking the KG Reopening Day. ...and No, It wasn’t sung by the kids but the parents of our KG kids to celebrate the first day of school. With this song the fact that whatever is learnt in Kindergarten lasts for lifetime was stressed. The sacred lamp was lit by School Principal Rev. Fr. Thomas Chennattusserry CMI, Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Tinto Thomas CMI, KG & Junior School Section Head Ms K Preeti , Middle School section head Ms Pallavi Singh , KG & Junior School Parent Representative Mr Ajin Thomas, the kindergarten teachers and kids. The dedication prayer was offered by the Vice Principal, and the School Principal addressed the gathering. The kindergarten teachers were introduced to the parent community. The parents participated in a session on tips to handle ‘back - to - school anxiety’ presented by Ms Gayathri S R, the School Counsellor. Mr Ajin Thomas, parent representative, in his speech appreciated the untiring and consistent efforts made by the CNIS school fraternity for having kept the hallmark of excellence in the school sky-high . He assured the teachers and the management of all the support and cooperation from the parent community. With the junior school also joining the campus, Christ Nagar International School, Kazhakoottam moved ahead with full passion and zest to an enriching academic session 2022-’23.

Reopening Ceremony-6th June 2022

The CNIS family once again reunited after the perilous period of Covid-19. Welcoming the young and budding learners back to school, the ceremony started with the lighting of the lamp. The Chief guest for the day, Ms Navjot Khosa IAS , District collector of Trivandrum graced the campus with her presence. Other Eminent guests on the dais were Shri M Binu , the Ward member , Rev Fr Thomas Chennattusserry CMI ,Principal of Christ Nagar International School, former faculty of CNIS Ms Geetha Nair and members of the academic team. The guests were formally welcomed for their honourable presence in the ceremony. The school flag was unfurled and the school anthem was sung with great passion and spirit. Father Principal rendered the dedication prayer for the school students and the staff. The school bell which symbolises the sound of being welcomed to the institute was formally rung by former faculty, Ms Geetha Nair. An inspiring speech by the chief guest Ms Navjot Khosa IAS prompted the learners to be ambitious and virtuous. Setting goals and aims for oneself is a prima facie for a learner. Rev Father Thomas Chennattusserry CMI, Principal of CNIS addressed the students and the audience. Father principal emphasized that all CNItes should achieve accolades in all fields ; academic and sports and keep the motto of the school of integrity, excellence and empathy to the highest accord. Rev Father Thomas Chennattusserry CMI, Principal of CNIS addressed the students and the audience. Father principal emphasized that all CNItes should achieve accolades in all fields ; academic and sports and keep the motto of the school of integrity, excellence and empathy to the highest accord.

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