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"“CNIS has helped me grow,” this is what is said about most schools. The environment that has been nurtured and maintained, at the core, is about studies and exams; that is what a traditional school environment looks like. So, what makes CNIS different? Well, the answer is; the community that has been built around this said environment. The students easily welcomed me on my first day and the teachers helped me adjust to the learning environment of the school. Currently, I am studying Design, to be precise, Industrial Design. The first year of my college was about unlearning, so I had to let go of my previous views and be open to other ways of “looking.” Surprisingly, the discussions and constant interaction with my peers and faculty at CNIS had left me with this one important skill, to learn on my own, to see with my eyes and decide for myself, “what is there” and “what is not there”; to stand on my own feet, on the base I built with the support of others and the endless trails that had been done, even though some were mistakes. We all have to make ‘mistakes’, but those ‘mistakes’ shouldnt pull us down. Take support of the community, your friends, your parents, and your teachers. CNIS left me with a few more ever lasting gems. My friends."

Rohith R

"The big question for us youngsters is how to integrate ourselves into the global, modern, and progressive sphere that we see ourselves inevitably entering in, but at the same time remember to respect and acknowledge the roots that we were brought up from. The answer lies in CNIS. The emphasis on my personal development during my time there, and the memories I have with my teachers and school mates matured me into the person I am today. I walk the path of life with confidence and gratitude knowing that the values of CNIS and its people will always be etched in my heart."

Naren Sreekanth

"There are times when I wonder about how my life would have been if I were to have stayed in Malawi. And in every situation, it either turned out for the better or for worse. Honestly, that thought doesn’t really affect me in anyway, because the memories made here in Christ Nagar International School were too precious to be brushed aside. I like who I’ve become now. I like how I’ve grown and who I’ve grown up with. In college, you hear other peoples’ stories about their school life and their obnoxious teachers, and in that moment, I always feel an ounce of gratitude; I had amazing teachers with whom I could bond really well with. They weren’t just teachers to me, they were my friends and family. And I’m not just saying that to be sweet. So to the person who is reading this and planning to send their child/children here, you should know that this school’s alumni still call it home. Having been brought up in Malawi and being completely ignorant in my own mother tongue, I genuinely did not know what to expect for my life in Kerala, but everyone made it so easy to adjust. 7 years ago today I could not have possibly imagined calling it home, but here I am- 7 years later- doing exactly that."

Pallavi Radhakrishnan

"CNIS has done to me what schools do to most people, it helped me grow. I grew as a person at CNIS; meeting new people, being involved in various activities, and forming lasting bonds, whether with teachers or my fellow students. My time in school was a rollercoaster filled with what seemed like endless loops of highs and lows, but if theres one thing that has taught me, its that after every low point comes an equally high one, and that after every high point, comes a low one. Constant vigilance, in short."

Kannan R

"If I begin, I’ll have to end and I don’t think I ever can. I remember the first time I walked into CNIS, second guessing my decision to switch schools. But now, after all these years, I look back in satisfaction and bewilderment for the person the institution and its people have shaped me into. As I left, I took along with me a plethora of indispensable learning, a bunch of irreplaceable friends, a person of better character, with a broader, greater outlook, not just with academics but with extra-curriculars as well. For this, and a lot more other things, I’ll always be indebted to CNIS and its amazing faculty."

Swetha Arun

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